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Q.  What is your criteria in assembling this collection ?
A.  I collect by teams, styles and manufacturers.  The main goal is to obtain a nice example of a favorite style from each team.
Q.  I don't recall most of the players represented in your collection.
A.  That's not a question.  There is less risk, and better value, in buying the shirt of a "common" player.  I prefer the guy who played for four teams over six seasons.  Or six teams in four seasons.  No one is going to create a fake jersey for a running back with 240 career yards.
Conversely, if you think you're buying a game used Sanders, Marino, Elway or Farve jersey, you'd better know what you're doing, and even then it's often a huge gamble.  The temptation for someone to create a Hall of Famer's jersey to sell for a four-figure profit is an ongoing problem.
Q.  What if the player's name has been removed from a jersey ??
Teams often remove the nameplate for reuse, practice, or sale.  No problem.  But when I can identify, research and place a player within the team's organization, during the era the jersey was used, that's always a bonus. 
Q,  Do you have any prejudice against shirts which saw only preseason action?

A.  No, as long as they are identical to those prepared for the team's regular season games.